Rock music

The name “rock” originated as an abbreviation for rock and roll, which is chronologically the first genre of rock music. The literal translation from English sounds like swaying or rocking, which conveys well all those rhythmic sensations that arise during movement of a certain kind. Similar roll, twist, swing, shake are formed by the same analogy.

The use of electric guitars and drums characterizes the belonging of a certain musical product to rock music. But this is not strictly required.

All an immense number of directions of rock music nonetheless boil down to increased performance dynamics – from 110 to 155 dB. The sound of a large symphony orchestra rarely reaches 115 dB.

Song content can range from light and laid-back to dark, deep and philosophical.

The origins of rock music are to be found in the blues. There will be a close connection with folk music – folk, country and skiffle. Since the main centers of the emergence and development of rock music were the United States and Western Europe (especially the UK), it is therefore not surprising that the vast majority of lyrics are written in English.

Speaking from a purely theoretical point of view, there are several distinctive properties and qualities inherent exclusively in rock music.

First, the performance of music by a rock group, which should include at least a vocalist, guitarist, bass player and drummer, where the bass guitar, drums and rhythm guitar will make up the rhythm section. At the same time, the use of other tools is allowed, but only as an addition. Secondly, it will be a constant rhythm provided by the rhythm section. Thirdly, the performance as a solo instrument will be assigned to the electric guitar.

Of course, over a very long period of existence of the genre of musical material, enough has accumulated and there is no noticeable shortage in rock music. Therefore, a reasonable question arises – can we also join this musical universe, and not as a passive listener, but as an active and creative creator. Using, for example, something of your own taste as an inspirational accompaniment to your unique project?

And special licenses Royalty-Free give us such an incomparable opportunity.

What is this Royalty Free Music license?

This is the right to use rock music. But unlike a regular license, the Royalty Free Music license has such a useful property as a one-time payment with an unlimited number of units of further use. And no additional payments no matter how hard it is to believe.

What is the advantage of Royalty Free Music over a simple copyright purchase?

The relatively low cost will be quite a compelling argument. Not to mention the simplicity and ease of the whole process. With the help of extremely simple, that is, ridiculously simple, manipulations on any audio stock you will be able to acquire the right to unlimited playback of the rock music you are interested in at a really affordable price for you. All that is required of you is to register an account, enter your personal data, make a choice and make a payment directly online.

Will such a significant rock musical addition have an impact on the number of views? The answer is obvious. And with a Royalty Free Music license, you will be reliably protected from any claims of tireless copyright defenders without any reservations.

In the event that your video or presentation is not for commercial purposes, then you can safely use completely free rock music. A special Creative Commons license is exactly what you need. All that is required of you is a link to the author of the music used.

There is a point of view that rock music is not just one of the genres of music, but also a special phenomenon of the second half of the 20th century, which gave birth to its own subculture, it is a special way of life, a style of behavior and a system of life values, a kind of philosophy.
Which is not surprising at all, since rock music has such an incredibly exciting energy that it can give a person complete freedom from established social principles and stereotypes, as well as from the surrounding reality.

Rock music