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Such convenient and useful phenomenon of our time as copyright is comparable in significance. Only the dark Middle Ages could somehow manage without its organizing influence on practically all spheres of public life. Today, a true understanding of the need for royalties introduces that necessary element of stability, which was so lacking for all deprived previous generations. And not the last element of this kind of stability is Royalty Free Music.

Unlike their predecessors, modern authors do not consider the statement of the sole ownership of the rights to their own creations to be a sinful act. And they don’t even consider it pointless, regardless of their personal relationship with the very same Author, who until now a priori owned all existing rights and did not need any patents and licenses.

The inventive British were the first to press the ubiquitous Author. Invariably feeling the ever-increasing pressure of scientific and technological progress, they adopted a law on copyright protection. At first, however, it was only about the rights of the authors of books, drawings and maps. But the trouble began — the creation of the Royalty Free Music license was just around the corner, since no more or less clear objections from the only author-omnipotent follower.

And now, finally, today, if we urgently need to accompany our own video with background music of satisfactory quality, the special Royalty Free Music license will guarantee us this accompaniment, without being subjected to any legal liability in accordance with the laws of our country residence. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a business presentation or a home video about me and my pugs.

What is this Royalty Free Music license?

If there is a certain product, namely background music for video, then it can be used for commercial purposes. Since the use of this product in their commercial interests involves a completely unauthorized user who is not the author of the music, he must transfer to the author of the music all the payments that the author is entitled to claim by law. And do it again and again if you do not use the Royalty Free Music license. If he does not ignore this useful license, then a one-time payment will guarantee him an unlimited number of units for further use of this music product.

If you compare the benefits of Royalty Free Music with a simple purchase of copyright, you can immediately notice the relatively low cost of Royalty Free Music. Since the creation of a specific musical unit in the form of a track suitable for your video may include an unforeseen total number of participants in the process, the mechanical and synchronous and related rights of these additional participants can automatically be added to the total cost of royalties, which significantly increases the final figures.

With Royalty Free Music, things are completely different. A very specific one-time payment will give you the opportunity to acquire the right to play an unlimited number of times the melody that you selected on the audio stock, considering its presence in your unique video project mandatory. And the cost of this purchase pleased you with its availability. And all that you had to do was to register an account, enter personal data (you do not need to enter pug data) and pay online.

Even if we are not talking about any large-scale video project, but only about a cute hobby, but one that you cannot help telling the world about, then the Royalty Free Music license is extremely useful to you in this case too. Properly selected background music will maximize the number of views of your video, bringing it to a new level of existence in YouTube-space. This means the emergence of a commercial component and inevitably leads you, therefore, to understanding the need for royalties. Royalty Free Music license will once again reliably protect you from any claims of advocates of the rights of music authors.

Royalty Free Music license is not this a guarantee of creative freedom in the true sense of the word? Of course — both pugs are happy and the authors are full.

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Royalty Free Music.

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