Royalty Free Music for YouTube

Those who are not familiar with Royalty Free Music are ready to argue for a long time about the “apparent” advantages of the existence of a biological unit of our species in a modern metropolis overloaded with gas and stresses compared to ecologically serene living in an exceptionally natural dwelling of an ancient person (fresh air and the absence of dangerous food additives guaranteed). We, the advanced supporters of megacities, who know about Royalty Free Music not by hearsay, these disputes are not interesting, because there is something in our reality that overlaps its so-called shortcomings with interest. This is a video hosting company that provides services for storage, delivery and playback of any custom video – in common parlance referred to as YouTube.

Of course, there is nothing to argue with. Here are the figures – they speak for themselves – in January 2012, the daily number of video views reached four billion. Smart guys knew how to turn certain human weaknesses into strength, and at the same time slightly earn extra money. Virtually all areas of interest were, one way or another, covered – films of all countries and genres, music clips of any orientation, a variety of trailers, the latest news, any educational programs, video blogs, slideshows and the like. Fans of exact figures can get acquainted with the ratings of video clips, get exhaustive information on the number of views and thoroughly study the ratio of likes and dislikes for each position. It will not be useless to deal with such a useful innovation as Royalty Free Music.

Today anyone can take advantage of the full range of services provided by YouTube. And this is not to mention the additional features (for an additional fee) like streaming video without advertising.

In addition, any user can leave their versatile and in-depth comments, express their opinion about other people’s incorrect comments, display the rating of watched and under-watched videos. They can even earn on all of this.

And here, it turns out, there is where to stumble. And all because of the strange rules that YouTube prohibits uploading a video whose content is violated by copyright law. This basic law for our subject causes indescribable excitement of both interacting parties. Attentive to the questions of their income, the authors fear that they may miss the reward due to them from infinitely grateful, but somewhat stingy users. Users, while aware of the hard laws concerning the rights of meticulous authors, are afraid of being dragged into endless reparations of damages and payment of fines up to the company’s liquidation and criminal punishment. It’s sad …

Fortunately, there is such a useful thing as the license of Royalty Free Music. What is its immediate utility for the dull users, completely confused in such an abundance of related authors?

This unique utility consists in a one-time payment of the opportunity to use a specific musical product in your project. Do you need to adequately voice your own slide show with an incendiary matinee in a nursing home? Then you cannot do it without Royalty Free Music.

Or are you a culinary blogger specializing in the most exquisite dishes of Michelin restaurants, than, in fact, you earn a piece of bread and butter? Royalty Free Music is back in business.

Or maybe you are organizing video lessons, teaching slow-witted authors how to sell their professional skills more expensively? Be that as it may, a music product purchased with the license Royalty Free Music, will allow you to increase the interest in your video material, not at the expense of your health and finances.

So, the royalty of Royalty Free Music for YouTube:

– Personal license (non-exclusive). Ideal for your personal video (Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, podcast, family video, various school projects, etc.) It is absolutely not recommended for companies and organizations (any kind of advertising, monetized video, corporate photography, or a product registered as a foreign property);

– Standard license (non-exclusive). It was created specifically for Websites, video films, animations, presentations and slideshows. It will accompany that background music that will sound in bars, hotel lobbies, restaurants, shops and shopping centers, at exhibitions and conferences.

Where else does this license allow using music:
– In free iPhone / iPad / Android / Facebook applications, podcasts, programs and games.
– In free and paid, non-downloadable casual games played exclusively through a web browser.
– On television, radio, wedding videos and corporate videos (except for advertising on radio or television).
– On the World Wide Web, including web videos, slideshows, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and on websites.
– At film festivals (both student and professional).

The standard license includes the reproduction of up to 1000 copies of your project in physical, tangible products such as CD, DVD, VHS tapes, Blu-rays, toys and console games.

Is all this variety of safe possibilities created solely for the sake of our endless pleasure of viewing and listening to video and music from around the world, the real opportunity to become a part of this process and even earn some money? Exactly!..

With Royalty Free Music for YouTube, anything is possible.
And it all started with some pathetic amateur video at the San Diego Zoo on April 23 2005, to an unknown American. Can all this go at least in some comparison with some fresh air there?

Royalty Free music for YouTube