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Those who are not familiar with Royalty Free Music are ready to argue for a long time about the "apparent" advantages of the existence of a biological unit of our species in a modern metropolis overloaded with gas and stresses compared to ecologically serene living in an exceptionally natural dwelling of an ancient person (fresh air and the absence of dangerous food additives guaranteed). We, the advanced supporters of megacities, who know about Royalty Free Music not by hearsay, these disputes are not interesting, because there is something in our reality that overlaps its so-called shortcomings with interest.

Royalty Free Music

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Dark Middle Ages, among other things, are characterized by the complete absence of such a convenient and useful phenomenon as copyright, not to mention the existence of any similarity of the Royalty Free Music. What is terrible, not only in itself, none of the parties involved in this process will argue with this, but it is especially terrible that there is no Royalty Free Music for the video.


What is

Royalty Free Music?

Special terms exist not only to maximally confuse everything around, as it may seem at first glance, and on the second one too. Sometimes, if used correctly, they, oddly enough, introduce some semblance of clarity, which makes life extremely easy. For example, Royalty Free Music. It does not look very clear if you do not know what is Royalty Free. And this is just a special kind of license. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that payment is made only once, immediately at the time of purchase and the further fate of the purchased product (what would be meant by such a product) is already of no interest to anyone in the sense of additional receipt of money.

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Composer - Musway Studio (ASCAP IPI: 843532833). Publisher - Musway Studio (ASCAP IPI: 841548627)

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